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Property Tax Appeal Process and Dates

tax appealBeing aware of property tax deadlines is extremely important in ensuring your appeals are filed and your taxes are paid on a timely basis.  Below is a calendar outlining the important dates in the Texas tax year as well as some guidelines for filing.  Should you have a question regarding something that’s not listed here, please contact us today!


Assessment Ratio: 100% of market value  
Valuation Date: January 1 of each year info iconThe date on which the market value of taxable property is determined.
Rendition Date: April 1 of each year info iconOwner’s submission of its opinion of value.
Valuation Notices: Generally, sent around April 15  
Appeal Date: Later of May 15 or 30 days after notice of value is mailed info iconThe last date on which a formal appeal may be filed for a hearing before the Appraisal Review Board. After filing and prior to the ARB hearing, tax representatives may still negotiate with the appraisal district in an attempt to reconcile their differences of value. Most of the time, an agreement will be reached.
Appeal Completion Date: Mid-July  
Lawsuit Date: 60 days after receipt of Appraisal Review Board’s determination of value info iconLast date taxpayer may file a lawsuit in district court appealing the value determined by the Appraisal Review Board. In reality, lawsuits are filed on less than 5% of the appeals and less than 1% of those go to court. The remaining 99% are settled with the appraisal district beforehand.
Second Appeal Date: January 31 of the following year info iconFor those properties for which a value has not been agreed upon or set by the Appraisal Review Board and it can be proven that the market value is less than 75% of the appraised value.  However, taxes must be paid by the delinquency date and a 10% penalty will be assessed for that year only.
Date Tax Bills Mailed: October of each year  
Delinquency Date: January 31 of the following year info iconThe last date for payment of taxes without the assessment of interest and penalties is January 31 following the year in which the value is established. The combined interest and penalty rate on February 1 is 7% of the taxes owed.  Additional interest and penalties of 2% per month will accrue until July 1 when they are decreased to 1% and attorney's fees of 20% are assessed.