“Since the inception of my company, you’ve successfully represented our interest in property tax appeals, always keeping me informed of your progress during negotiations.  Even though your competitors seek our business, we continue to use your firm because of the outstanding results ($429,864 tax savings last year) and responsive service you provide.” Michael J. Ochstein, Owner/President, Price Realty Corporation

See who we work with

To understand our clients is to understand who we are. Here are just a few of the organizations we help. To learn more about what we’ve done, feel free to explore our case studiespage!

AIG/Sun America Affordable Housing Partners
Alpha-Barnes Real Estate Services
American Communities
Bell Partners, LP
BH Equities, Inc.
Cantex Management Co., Inc.
ConAm Management Corporation
Conti Organization
DDR Corporation
Dial Equities,Inc.
DMA Properties LLC
Finlay Development, LLC
Franklin Development Company
Gaines Investment Trust
Greater Coastal Management, Inc.
Harry B. Lucas Company
Inland Real Estate Trust
Invesco Realty Advisors
Kent Hance
Ken Masters
Krisnik Management and Development
Land Advisors, Inc
LaSalle Equity Group
 aa Lodgestar Investments – Rakesh Patel
Madison Group, Inc.
Magnolia Lodging
MCA Housing Partners, LLC
Operating Engineers Funds, Inc
Pacifica Companies
Patel, Mike
Pinnacle Housing Group
Price Realty Corporation
Presidian Companies
Q Hotels Viran Nana
RAAMCO International, Inc.
Remas Corporation
Retail Properties of America, Inc.
Rosewood Management Corporation
Rudman Partnership
The Leddy Company
Ty Commercial Group
UAH Property Management, LP
Univesco, Inc.
Walpert Properties
Waterton & Associates LLC
Williams Asset Management LLC
Property Tax Advocates, Inc., Taxes  Property Tax Consultants, Irving, TX

Customized Fee Agreements

Fixed fee arrangement - you pay a specified fee each year.

Contingency fee arrangement - our compensation is based solely on the tax savings we negotiate for you.

Combination fee arrangement - lower fixed fee with a lower contingency fee.